Dear Guests!

Our hotel is located at Szent István tér 2. (St. Stephen’s Square 2).The GPS coordinates lead you directly to the main entrance. However the hotel can be found on an area that is closed from traffic, Guests are allowed to drive in this square. They can drive in only if they tell the car’s license number at the hotel reception at „check-in”  time.You can leave your car in front of the hotel only for a while. It can not be more than 30 minutes. During this time guests can do the „check-in”.If you forget to tell us your car’s licence number when you arrive to the hotel, you will get a mony penalty! When you „check-in” to the hotel, the receptionist will inform you about every parking facilities.

First of all, we suggest to use the public parking on the Szent István square that is around 20-30 meters from the main entrance of the hotel. Using of this parking facility is free of charge with the parking ticket made and asked at the Reception.

Behind the hotel, on the „Irányi street” there is a car-port. Informative signs will show you the way there and our collegues also will kindly explain the shortest and easiest way.

Important! Every time when you drive to the „Szent István tér” (St. Stephen’s Square) you have to tell your car’s license number in order to avoid the mony penalty.

In our backyard limited parking places are available as well. From the 1st of January 2014 parking in our yard will be 1000 HUF/ night. Informing the receptionist about your car’s license number is also necessary. The receptionist at the Front Desk will explain how to get there easily.

GPS: N46.680232; E21.098197

Map is available under „Contacts” menu.


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